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Graph Editor Redux (GER) - Digital Pose Test (DPT): MAC OSX Installation Notes

PDF Download:

Graph Editor Redux (GER)/Digital Pose Test (DPT) MAC OSX Installation Notes

Graph Editor Redux (GER)/Digital Pose Test (DPT)
MAC OSX Installation Notes
(Tested on Autodesk Maya 2014 running on a Macbook Pro 2009/Snow Leopard)

It has been a while since i began to enjoy the GER free plugin for Maya.
Everyone who has been on it, at least once, would definitely agree about the huge help animators can get through this amounts of tools.Above all if, in a way, you come from traditional animation where the time spent on an X-Sheet would never be considered useless.Keith Lango was the first one to provide an useful tool for quick retiming and testing your pose/timing ratio, when he first introduced the use of Monkeyjam/Monkeyshuffle tool.
If you have been animating for a while you'll recall for sure.
When GER went out with the DPT addon, i was amazed by the given opportunity of having all this and a lot more developed straight into the maya workspace.
When in 2009 i switched to a Mac Osx based machine i felt kinda disappointed about finding it really hard ,being not a tech, to get Ger working. I partly solved the problem installing Windows on a Bootcamp partition and i almost trashed the idea of enjoying these awesome tools when working on the Osx partition.
From time to time i've been back to check for new solutions and hardly i've got one, above all due to the fact that being not an experienced tech the PyQt4 installation part ,for which a compiled version is not available, made me give up more than once. On my last check i've found some useful news which finally lead to a successful installation.

To go ahead in the process you'll need to:

1) Download Xcode ---->

You'll easily find out that being a developer thing, you'll not be allowed to get it through the Apple Store unless you pay what asked and since it has been updated you'll not be able to get the snow leopard version.
Since I didn't want to subscribe as a developer just to get a maya plugin working i've got it through a Torrent website easy and painless!

Just search for this .dmg file, download and install it ----> (Xcode_4.2_and_ios_5_sdk_for_snow_leopard.dmg)

2) Go to the web and get ----> HOMEBREW

That's a packet manager for OSX that will automatically download and compile on your Mac the PyQt4 libraries necessary to execute the GER in Maya.

Just follow the page instructions or Open your Terminal Prompt and paste this line and hit return: 

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

3) Once Brew is installed in the Terminal Prompt insert the following line and hit return:

brew install PyQt

Through this simple command you'll be able to install all the dependencies qt and sip.
You can have a look at this ----> in order to understand a little bit more about the process but you don't really need to follow all the steps.They are referred to an older way of getting to the same result.Just go downpage and read the first comment saying it all.

4) It will take some time for brew to download all the necessary to get the installation done,just be sure to be connected since brew will get straight from the net what's required for him to compile the PyQt4.

It happened to me to get a couple of errors during the process but by skipping them i was able to get to the end with no further problems.Once Brew is done you ar done as well.Go get GER 2.6b!!

5) Copy the GER folder into this directory:

6) Create a “modules” folder into this directory:


7) Open the file
GER2014_module.mod that is inside your GER folder with a txt editor and paste down the path to the GER directory in your plugins folder...something like the following line

+ GER2014 2.6.0 /Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/2014/plug-ins/GER

8) Save the file and copy it into the modules folder you created before

9) Open Maya Use Maya’s Plug-in Manager to browse, select and load the “”.

10)Enable Graph Editor Redux c
opying/typing this command into the command line after switching from Mel to Python Mode

import maya.cmds as cmds

*select the command line and drag it with the middle mouse button to the shelf to get a button to load GER

11) Once loaded, open the Graph Editor and go to the menu View/ToolbarMode and select Redux Mode.

Now you're really DONE!

Digital Pose Test/DPT can be launched directly from Graph Editor Redux.
People that would like to make a separate shelf button to launch it, copy/type this command into the command line after switching from Mel to Python Mode

import rb_DPT as dpt

To disable Graph Editor Redux (you can always switch to classic mode from the View/Toolbar Menu) copy/type this command into the command line after switching from Mel to Python Mode


*select the command line and drag it with the middle mouse button to the shelf to get a button to un-load GER

©2007-2015 Ron Bublitz
Author of the notes can be reached at

domenica 7 ottobre 2012

Gladiators of Rome

Fall 2012 in theaters Worldwide Rainbow CGI's "Gladiators of Rome" whose crew i've been part of animating characters.Miss u all guys! .

Big Babol Gladiators AD

Ad i've been working on waiting for the movie to be released.

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giovedì 16 settembre 2010

Kendama Italia

missing my blog so much  but since i'm having hard time to draw and good time to play a bit i've opened a new blog :)


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domenica 14 febbraio 2010

Animation Showreel 2009

Latest animation showreel updated with 2009' works, almost done but can be subject to one more retouching pass...

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010


Back few days ago from Indocina,the trip took about 15 days between the two countries and it was amazing.Looking forward to be back there soon to visit north of Thailand and Laos as well.
Here you can check a selection of pictures i took during the trip :


Two rough clips from my last work in Genova at Insert Coin, a web commercial for Toshiba Camileo Series!
Gonna post the link to finalized movie soon...
Had lot of fun,thanx guys!
Clic on the images below to make clips run.

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It has been so long time from my last wacom joint.
Happy for having been back for a while.
Wishing all of you a merry christmas and a precious 2010.


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Il Re dell'Isola (The King of the ISland)

This is a short film i've been animating on while working in Genova at Art5 Animation Studio.
It has been entirely released on vimeo and so here it is!!!

Download the artbook PDF:

artFive website:

Gioannin is a 6 year old child who lives in Italy at the beginning of the 1900. He dreams of his strong and wonderful father he never knew, missed at sea and never returned. He will discover that a dream is not worth what real life can naturally give, despite its difficulties and disappointments.

'The king of the island' is the second short film directed by Raimondo Della Calce and produced by artFive animation studio. The movie tells the story of Gioannin, a shy and lonely child, left no father because of a mishap occurred at sea years before. Gioannin is a kid, he doesn't know the meaning of the word death. And if his father left and never returned, then it means that he must have stopped somewhere on an island, and with his extraordinary ability he must now be the king. From the exasperated dream of Gioannin comes the title of the movie, which goes back in time, in the early 1900's Genoa, Italy, with its port at work, the alleys, the old pier and the famous lantern.
The film was financed by artFive with the intention to test the ability of the studio after the short film "Heterogenic" (2003) and the production of commercials and television series that have followed from 2004 to 2008. The whole production lasted 18 months. The idea behind the movie is to face a profound and universal issues as the relationship between father and son, in a setting of Mediterranean flavor, from the scenery to the music and atmospheres. The main meaning of the movie is that dreaming is something very important for each person, but having the courage to face the reality and appreciate it despite its difficulties and disappointments, that is true life.

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NDS portrait of me

sad time over here,last days in Rome,"orlando" movie production has arrived to an end among different bad vicissitudes.what remains is the true love for some of the people i have known in these 10 months and for all the ones i've found again treading on my steps.
This portrait as been made during one of the last "ciarda time" i took at veio residence the night before my departure by mr.Andrea Spada with whom i shared great time!!!awesome gift bro',really love that.

lunedì 5 ottobre 2009

nintendoDS _Night_in_Wine

a couple of two tones Nds sketches helped by some good wine i took at Pigneto in Rome, the one in red has been made in a 4 hand quick play with mr.Andrea Spada

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NintendoDS _Colors_Playback

"Colors" is Great!!
!...and that's not a news!
But what really makes me crazy it is that you can playback everything you drew!
Just clic on the image to start playback this sketch.

Precious add-ons to save uncompressed .AVI and then convert them to .MP4 or few other formats: