martedì 22 luglio 2008


this has been made a couple of years ago.
i've been helped by a reference picz of the sounded like studying some lights since i never practiced it too much.
i like it a lot so i'm putting it up.

a beiii (scusa)_catwip

the old one and a small update...i'll add the final one asap.
i love the latest one,i'll keep it for sure.
face,feet and left arm just to be defined.

giovedì 17 luglio 2008


it has been a while since i finished playing R6 vegas 2...and what i was really shocked by was the chance to put your face inside the game through a simple webcam...amazing work guys...i've been waiting it for so long time.
just a couple of screenshots...LOLOL

lunedì 14 luglio 2008


almost complete even if i'm having troubles trying to define front and back arms!
some fur too would be nice...