venerdì 28 novembre 2008

Some News and a Video

Well as someone has already realized i'm not having too much time to update my blog...
I'm going to start a new work on january and in the meanwhile i must search for a new flat and move back to rome again after one and half year spent in genova...making more than one thing at time makes me crazy guys (it's not a joke)so i've been not able to draw or animate or making creative kind of stuff and i'm not going to be able to do some until all the matters are settled in the best way.
I just spent some time travelling over India and i took a lot of pictures.
I finally decided to edit them in a video with some music.
Just clic on the Taj Mahal pictures to look at it.

slower connections please refer to this link to download the video:

if u r interested in taking a look at each single picture please refer to this link: